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Virtual Laboratory for Plant Breeding

The Virtual Laboratory for Plant Breeding is currently in a phase in which many changes are taking place: we are expanding our activities, old projects are being finished, new projects are initiated or in development. Moreover a dedicated technical project coordinator is to be appointed. In such changing environment it is unavoidable that many VLPB activities have a somewhat ad hoc character, a situation which is not desirable in the long run.

In recent meetings the VLPB members have expressed the wish for the association to identify challenges that must be met in the context of the pre-competitive (Bio-IT) collaboration that VLPB entails. These challenges will be used to prioritize the projects and activities to be developed in the VLPB context. Priorities will enable the VLPB to be more efficient in the planning of activities and in communication. Moreover they will allow improved budgeting. But foremost they will enable us to define the contents of our projects in such a way that all members will support the project proposals and will benefit.

To realize this portfolio of challenges and priorities, but also to promote interaction and community building the VLPB organizes a 2 day round table meeting on April 21 and 22, 2015.

The workshop focuses on the needs and challenges at the level of precompetitive Bio IT from the members’ perspectives; its scope will be functional, not technical. As we aim to be effective with time the regular VLPB face to face meeting will be held during the second day of the workshop; this will also create an opportunity for those who could not attend the face to face meetings in the past to participate.