The VLPB is:

An association of 10 plant-breeding companies that initiates projects in the domains of e-bioscience, bioinformatics and IT-infrastructure in which the plant-breeding industry and associated knowledge institutes collaborate.

VLPB activities are of pre-competitive nature. The VLPB is active in the areas of research technology and infrastructure and herewith promotes and speeds up innovation in the plant-breeding industry.

The VLPB aims to:

  • To secure real-life use of VLPB methods and infrastructure by end-users via a demand-driven development strategy.
  • To create and maintain the requirements for a vibrant user community.
  • To scout and to implement novel developments in methodology and technology.
  • To secure long term commitment and continuity.

Meet the Members

VLPB members are plantbreeding companies and companies active in the field of plantbreeding. Next to members the VLPB count a number of associated members. Associated members are from academia and public knowledge institutions.


Associated Members

Our Latest Projects

VLPB completed and running projects by 2015

VLPB is continuously initiating new projects and activities on the basis of the prioritised needs of the members. Currently 2 projects are under construction on long read Next Generation Sequencing and a small RNA analysis pipeline.

ELIXER FAIR and collaboration with DTL

In collaboration with DTL VLPB will act as one organization representing the interests of the VLPB members…


Based on the discussions and input from the VLBP associated companies…


The Github environment was chosen and is used for development…

Snakemake framework

The de novo assembly, genome annotation, and variant calling pipeline…

Variant calling pipeline

A pipeline that takes NGS reads as input and which executes…

SNPCompare tool

Show a a cM or Mb based SNP density…

Allelic Variation Explorer (AVE)

A web-tool that allows visualization of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) by organizing…

White Paper Inventory NGS

An updatable inventory on technologies used in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Redmine & Github VLPB Environment

An environment that contains all vlpb developed source code plus…

The VLPB Environment

Together with the VLPB Github environment a VLPB Google Group…

RNA run QC

A pipeline that takes NGS reads as input and produces a web page…

RNA counting pipeline

A pipeline for mapping and counting RNA seq reads including concentration spike-ins.

Size spike in visualization (small RNA-seq)

A visualization of counts of size spike-ins…

RNA experiment QC

A series of interactive visualizations using R-studio and a shiny-web server…

RNA normalization

A workflow to normalize RNA-seq experiments using spike-ins.

Cloud instance

A cloud instance (CentOS, OpenNebula, SurfSara HPC) containing a Galaxy instance.

BreeDB database

Development of BreeDB into a mature product, in which more than one user…

VLPB Workshops

Two BreeDB workshops were completed, one targeted at all members…

De novo assembly pipeline

A pipeline for de novo assembly of (plant) genomes.

Genome Annotation pipeline

The state-of-the art maker-p pipeline for genome annotation…


Events, news, announcements…

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