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Virtual Laboratory Plant Breeding

The VLPB is:

An association of 6 plant breeding companies that initiates projects in the domains of e-bioscience, bioinformatics and IT-infrastructure in which the plant breeding industry and associated knowledge institutes collaborate.

VLPB activities are of pre-competitive nature. The VLPB is active in the areas of research technology and infrastructure and herewith promotes and speeds up innovation in the plant-breeding industry.

The VLPB aims to:

  • To secure real-life use of VLPB methods and infrastructure by end-users via a demand-driven development strategy.
  • To create and maintain the requirements for a vibrant user community.
  • To scout and to implement novel developments in methodology and technology.
  • To secure long term commitment and continuity.

Meet the members:

VLPB members are plant breeding companies and companies active in the field of plant breeding. Next to members the VLPB count a number of associated members. Associated members are from academia and public knowledge institutions.


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Associated Members


VLPB board:


Laurens Kroon – Bejo zaden
Marcel Reinders – TUDelft
Simon Langeveld – East-West Seed
Richard Visser – Wageningen University
Robert Graveland (chairman) – HZPC

Our Latest Projects

VLPB completed and running projects by 2020

VLPB is continuously initiating new projects and activities on the basis of the prioritised needs of the members. The VLPB members establish annually a budget which enables to respond quickly and agile to novel developments in – and application of technology. In practice this results in funding of about 5 small projects with a size between 1,5k€ and 20k€. Budget for small projects is allocated in February of each year on basis of ranking of small projects which have been submitted by the end of the previous year.

On basis of common ground and joint commitment VLPB members also initiate large projects in collaboration with Dutch Universities. Finally VLPB members may also initiate projects dedicated to development and implementation of specific software. Such projects are generally executed by professional software providers.


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